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Tidlig oppdagelse og varsling av fremmede arter 2019

Latest version published by Norwegian Institute for Nature Research on Oct 30, 2019 Norwegian Institute for Nature Research

Test of a survey system for early detection of new alien species in early establishment in Norwegian nature. System tested for 20 sites in South-east Norway in 2019. Includes data from field surveys of vascular plants and from insects sampled with malaise traps.

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Occurrence; Observation


Who created the resource:

Rannveig Margrete Jacobsen

Who can answer questions about the resource:

Rannveig Margrete Jacobsen

Who filled in the metadata:

Geographic Coverage

South-east Norway

Bounding Coordinates South West [59.2, 10.035], North East [59.982, 11.126]

Taxonomic Coverage


Kingdom  Plantae (Plants)
Class  Insecta (Insects)

Temporal Coverage

Start Date / End Date 2019-07-31 / 2019-09-12

Project Data

Prosjektet "Tidlig oppdagelse og varsling av fremmede arter" skal utforme et overvåkingssystem for fremmede terrestriske arter av karplanter og insekter, med mål om å oppnå tidlig oppdagelse og varsling av nye fremmede arter i Norge. Prosjektet startet med et pilotprosjekt høst 2018, og ble videre testet i 2019 da 20 ruter ble lagt ut i bynære områder i sørøst-Norge. Rutene ble kartlagt for fremmede karplanter av erfarne botanikere og malaisefeller ble satt opp for innsamling av insekter.

Title Tidlig oppdagelse og varsling av fremmede arter
Identifier Tidlig_oppdagelse
Funding Prosjektet er finansiert av Miljødirektoratet, ihh. til kontrakt nr. 18087127.
Study Area Description South-east Norway: 20 localities near Tønsberg, Drammen, Oslo, Moss and Sarpsborg. 2019: August - September.
Design Description The project goal is to design a surveillance scheme to facilitate early detection of new non-native species of terrestrial plants and insects (and spiders), followed by rapid response. In 2019 we sampled 20 field sites in relatively urban areas to assess the potential for registering non-native species at such sites.

The personnel involved in the project:

Jens Åström
Anders Often
Anders Endrestøl
Oddvar Hanssen

Sampling Methods

Two experienced botanists surveyed plants at each locality, focusing on plants they considered to be non-native, but also registering native species. They performed the surveys independently, each botanist surveying 15 sites with an overlap of 10 sites (i.e. 20 sites in total). Species were identified in field. Each survey was restricted to maximum 5 hours. Insects were sampled with malaise traps, one trap per locality. The trap was operated during July and August and emptied four times through the period. Lepidoptera and Coleoptera were sorted from the samples and identified by taxonomic experts.

Study Extent South-east Norway August - September 2019

Method step description:

  1. Plants registered along transects by experienced botanists identifying species in field. Insects sampled in malaise traps, Coleoptera and Lepidoptera identified by taxonomists.

Additional Metadata

Purpose The data set contains plant species registered at 20 localities in the follow-up study for the project "Tidlig oppdagelse og varsling av nye fremmede arter".
Alternative Identifiers edaf95d8-2c34-4792-8170-04d7c79a5a89