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Predicted abundance of seabirds in open sea. Summer season

Latest version published by Norwegian Institute for Nature Research on Feb 12, 2019 Norwegian Institute for Nature Research

The maps consist of 10x10 km2 grid and shows predicted abundance of the species based on two-step analysis (see Data Analysis) of data available over the distribution of seabirds in Norwegian and adjacent sea areas (see Dataset) in summer season. Along with the maps we also present uncertainty in predictions that 95% confidence intervals and standard error. The confidence intervals were not possible to define at very low densities. It is important to note that uncertainty does not allow for systematic errors caused by differences in detectability (see Methods). Conspicuous species that often follows after the vessel is systematically overestimated. This is especially true species fulmars, kittiwakes, herring gulls, black-backed gulls and gull. Small dark species diver is probably equivalent underestimated. This is especially auks: auk, puffin, razorbills, murres and guillemots. Abundance estimates should be regarded as indexes.


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Per Fauchald
Senior Research Scientist

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Geir Helge Systad
Researcher I

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Roald Vang

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Roald Vang

Geographic Coverage

Norwegian and adjacent sea areas

Bounding Coordinates South West [55.06, -7.54], North East [75.98, 30.74]

Taxonomic Coverage


Order  Aves (Birds)

Temporal Coverage

Formation Period 2013

Additional Metadata

See description of Methods on and data analysis on (Norwegian only)

Alternative Identifiers b7d7acc7-bf3e-4ccb-a96f-05c638828915